Tractor Parts: Introduction of Important Parts and Maintenance Tips

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Hello tractor owners and agriculture enthusiasts! In this blog post, we will introduce the important parts of tractors and emphasize the importance of regular maintenance of these parts.

  1. Engine: It is the heart of tractors. The engine provides the power of the tractor. Engine cleanliness, oil level and filters should be checked regularly. Additionally, it is important to change engine oil periodically.
  2. Tires: The tractor’s tires provide grip and performance in harsh agricultural conditions. The air pressure and depth of the tires should be checked, and their wear and tear should be observed. Tires may need to be changed when necessary.
  3. Brake System: The tractor’s brake system is critical for safety. The operating condition of the brakes should be checked regularly and brake oil should be changed when necessary. Brake pads and discs wear over time, so wear must be monitored.
  4. Electrical System: The tractor’s electrical system ensures the proper functioning of headlights, signal lamps and other electrical accessories. It is important that the condition of the batteries, the connection of the cables and the protection covers are correct.
  5. Cooling System: The cooling system in tractors prevents overheating in the engine. The radiator must be cleaned, the water level must be checked and the cooling fluid must be correct.

Regular maintenance of these parts ensures long life and high performance of your tractor. Additionally, regular maintenance prevents costly breakdowns. It is important to refer to the owner’s manual for more information about your tractor.

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